Updated 30 June 2022

Avalon (“Producer”) is committed to safeguarding and protecting your Personal Data.  Below is a brief summary of how your Personal Data will be processed.  Further information can be found in the Producer’s Privacy Policy at

You understand Producer  will be processing the Personal Data you provide/gave us access to as agreed with you, related to and contained in your contribution (a) to produce, promote, distribute and otherwise exploit the Programme or any part thereof in any media or formats worldwide; (b) for compliance or legal obligations (c) where necessary for medical reasons for assessing your capacity to provide your contribution  or arranging and administering any medical treatment to you that may be required or to obtain and administer insurance in respect of your engagement or to assess your suitability to participate in the Programme and (d) for the administration of our agreement with you and communicating with you about the  same. You acknowledge that Producer will need to share your Personal Data internally and with producers, co-producers, affiliates and group companies, commissioners, broadcasters, distributors, advisors, financiers, and others in accordance with the Producer’s Privacy Policy.

Such Personal Data may include your name, address, contact details, footage of you, a copy of your passport (to prove your right to work), information about your health, ethnicity (for diversity monitoring), information about any criminal convictions (if the Programme involves working with children or if requested by the Broadcaster) and information about you that is relevant for inclusion in publicity material. You accept that where you have provided or given access to “Special Category Data” as part of your Contribution (being any information relating to racial, ethnic, political opinions or religious belief, trade union membership, physical or mental health matters, sexual orientation, genetic and biometric data), the Producer may use this in the Programme or for the purposes referred to in this Privacy Notice or otherwise as agreed with you. Furthermore, in order to meet our legal and regulatory obligations (such as safeguarding the welfare of you and third parties and assessing your suitability to take part in the Programme), we shall collect and process criminal offence data such as convictions and offences relating to you, by way of self-disclosures and public sources (such as social media and/or People Check). Your consent by way of explicit agreement is our legal basis for the collection of such criminal offence data. In addition, we rely on the purposes of journalism, arts and literature and/or otherwise where the law and regulation allow.

You expressly acknowledge that for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the lawful basis upon which Producer  shall process your Personal Data is for the purposes of (i) written contract and performance of our agreement with you together with this Privacy Notice and the Producer’s Privacy Policy documents; and on the legal  basis that  (ii) the Programme has substantial public and commercial interest, (iii) it is a legitimate interest of ours and the third parties referred to above, (for the making and commercial exploitation, distribution and promotion of the Programme and your contribution), which is not overridden by your  interests,  rights and freedoms; (iv) for the processing referred to above, Producer  and/or the above referred to third parties will need to process your Personal Data to comply with their compliance or legal obligations; and (v) where documented that the Programme (incorporating your contribution) may exist and/or be archived as a record  of your capacity and for the purposes of historical/ public interest.

If you have any questions regarding Producer’s use of your Personal Data, please contact: