Thembi Ford

Thembi Ford grew up the eldest of three children in Philadelphia, watching entirely too much television, even more than your typical latchkey kid. The fact that Thembi graduated from Harvard in 2001 with cum laude B.A. in Economics does more to debunk the misconception that too much television rots your brain than any congressional hearings in defense of PBS funding ever could. Thembi went on to a series of corporate finance, marketing, and business development roles at Time magazine, Protector & Gamble, and Educational Testing Service.

Finding corporate life unfulfilling, Thembi started the pop culture blog What Would Thembi Do? in 2007. Thanks to her pop culture writing, Thembi was awarded the Annenberg Fellowship at USC and completed her M.A. in Its Journalism in 2011. Her master’s thesis, The Social and Cultural Significance of a Different World, proved to the world that her love for television was no mere childhood vice. Thembi then served as a writer on the BET Awards in 2014, 2015, and 2016. BET Awards producers Jesse Collins Entertainment also recruited Thembi as a consultant (read: writer) for the UNCF An Evening of Stars 2014 and 2015.

Recently, Thembi was a staff writer on BET’s First Wives Club reboot. In her free time, Thembi competes on a pub quiz trivia team, takes belly dance classes, and collects vintage Queen/Freddie Mercury memorabilia.

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