Madeline Mack

Madeline Mack accepted into Ryan Murphy’s HALF shadowing program. And as Dan Minahan’s assistant, she has had the opportunity to shadow on HBO’s Deadwood movie, Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood and the new Netflix limited series Halston. Madeline’s latest film Sweet Heart premiered at Hollyshorts and was awarded a Post Production grant through The Future Of Film is Female. Madeline won Best Narrative Short at The Key West Film Festival for Hot Water, and the film was nominated for Best Drama at Sydney Short Film Festival and for Young Australian Filmmaker of the Year by the Byron Bay Film Festival. Her absurd dark comedy short Six Pack, starring George Basil, won its category at Hollywood Comedy Shorts Festival, Portland Comedy Shorts Festival and more after screening at over a dozen festivals around the world. Six Pack also won the pilot competition at the 2020 Hollyshorts Festival.