The estate of Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett presented his first radio show for the legendary Pirate radio station, Radio London in December 1964.

In 1967 after being sacked by Radio London (something which became an occupational hazard!), Kenny was invited to join the all new music station Radio 1 where he began experimenting with live and pre-recorded comedy characters, classical music, sound effects and even an early form of karaoke! After yet another sacking he moved to Capital Radio, Britain’s first commercial entertainment radio station, further honing his comic genius and technical wizardry by creating the immensely popular Science Fiction serial, Captain Kremmen.

In 1978 he was lured to television, recording three series of The Kenny Everett Video Show for Thames Television and a fourth, The Kenny Everett Video Cassette before moving to the BBC where he recorded five primetime series of The Kenny Everett Television Show. Comedy characterisation was at the heart of these shows and they include some of the most enduring comedy characters ever seen on British television, including Sid Snot, Marcel Wave and Cupid Stunt. Throughout the 1980’s Kenny was one of the UK’s most popular entertainers, consistently attracting record audiences for his TV and radio shows alike.

Kenny only lived to be fifty years old but he left behind one of the most prolific legacies in British entertainment. The British Comedy Society unveiled a blue plaque outside Kenny’s last home in Kensington to coincide with his authorised biography Hello Darlings! (Bantam Press).