Jordan Mendoza

Jordan Mendoza is an Asian-American writer, comedian, and filmmaker from Boston. He works in NYC at Comedy Central’s Creators Program where he created Cry Battle—a game show where whoever cries the most wins.

He writes under the mentorship of Tom Scharpling at the WGAE Made in NY Writers Room, where he was selected his half-hour pilot Tidying, a dramedy about a Marie Kondo-esque organizational consultant who—suffering from an illness that makes her believe objects have feelings—falls in love with a client and his lamp.

He co-hosts Drunk Science (ft. The New York Times, Vulture, Gothamist, truTV Comedy Breakout Initiative) at Littlefield.

Time Out named him a “Rising New York comedian primed to break big.”, and he’s been profiled by New York magazine. He is an NYTVF Development Deal recipient with Audible. Recently he has appeared as a guest on Radiolab, was tweeted at by The Rock, served as a writer on an upcoming series for Showtime and became active on TikTok, a social media platform for teenagers.

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