Johnny White Really-Really

Johnny White Really-Really is a stand-up comedian, writer and musician from Sheffield. Described by Chortle in their five-star review of his most recent stand-up hour Catland, as “a truly singular mind and talent”, his unique brand of comedy is “taking the artform in a genuinely modern direction”.
He has appeared on Starstruck (BBC), The Paddock (Channel 4), Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (Channel 4), and cult web series Year Friends (Blink Industries). He hosts the podcast Lunchwatch from Hattrick.
As a musician and composer, Johnny has composed film soundtrack work for the National Gallery, The National Theatre, The Old Vic Theatre, the Guardian,
Vice, and on the feature films How To Be (2007), and Hide And Seek (2014), which won the Michael Powell Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.