Jana Petrosini

Jana Petrosini and Sean Gill have been working for Nickelodeon under the Schneider’s Bakery banner since 2007. Their first job at Nickelodeon was producing digital content for all of the shows under the Schneider’s Bakery umbrella. During their time as digital producers they wrote and produced short form programming for iCarly.com and TheSlap.com (the companion site to the Nickelodeon show Victorious).

The two enjoyed writing together so much that they teamed up to pitch a cartoon series to go along with the Schneider’s Bakery show, Sam & Cat. Dan Schneider and the network quickly greenlit their cartoon for digital platforms and even put some of the shows on air.

When Sam & Cat wrapped production, Sean and Jana pitched a series idea for television to Dan Schneider called Game Shakers — a show about two girls who started their own mobile gaming company. Dan liked the idea so much that he bought it from them and Dan and Nick made the series.

While Game Shakers was in development, Dan gave Sean and Jana their first writing jobs on the Henry Danger live action TV series. Henry Danger, today, is still the number one show on the Nickelodeon network. As an additional project, Sean and Jana pitched another animated series to Dan and the network — a Henry Danger cartoon. Nickelodeon loved the idea and quickly greenlit this project and put the cartoon on the Nickelodeon YouTube channel. The cartoon gained popularity (as of today the 12 episodes released online have accumulated 48.9 Million views.) Sean and Jana shelved the online animated Henry Danger cartoon for a little while to become writers and producers on Game Shakers — the series that they pitched.

Sean and Jana were promoted from Staff Writers on Henry Danger to Co-Producers on Game Shakers. The following season, the two were promoted again, this time to Producers on Game Shakers.

During their run at Game Shakers, they noticed that the Henry Danger cartoon was still very popular online. They pitched (along with Dan Schneider) the cartoon as a television series to Nickelodeon. The network greenlit a first season and Sean and Jana became Co-Executive Producers on the series. In August, Nickelodeon went into development on MEET THE VOXELS. The pilot will be written by Jana and Sean, and will be an animated TV sitcom created in a game engine, that will also be available as companion Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality episodes.

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