As the festive season draws closer, Taskmaster has launched brand-new Taskmaster Crackers which entirely sold out before they hit the shelves at pre-sale. Having currently sold 108,000 crackers to fans across the world, production has gone into overdrive, more than tripling rate of manufacture and increasing size of production staff to assemble and re-print the crackers numerous times to meet phenomenal demand in time for Christmas. They are currently on sale and can be found on the Taskmaster Store as well as Amazon.


They have become an official No.1 best-seller on Amazon and have been ordered by fans across 45 countries around the globe including in North America, Australia, Thailand, South Korea and Iceland among other countries joining in the festive Taskmaster merriment. This totals 450,000 Tasks, 108,000 Jokes, and 1,944,000 printed Pineapples being sent across the world to date.

Alex Horne, creator of Taskmaster and the Taskmaster’s Assistant said: “I’m really pleased, and obviously amazed, that so many people want to get their hands on the Taskmaster crackers. But I do always think, why only have crackers at Christmas? These can be enjoyed every day of the year, with breakfast, lunch or tea. So order yours today and make all your mealtimes slightly more enjoyable again”.


Giving fans a chance to bring the BAFTA and National Comedy Award winning show to their festive celebrations this Christmas, they are handmade in the UK, recyclable and 100% plastic free. Each cracker is packed with a trio of tasks: a secret task, a Christmas dinner table task and an after-dinner team task, as well as a hat, snap, joke, and paper duck. Also included in the box of 6 crackers is a group final task, a pop out Taskmaster trophy and a set of instructions.


Take your turn as the illustrious Taskmaster, revel in the power and hand out points with grace and a touch of delighted ruthlessness. Once the festive frenzy concludes, gather together for the final Task Of Christmas for your last chance to steal victory from the frosty grasp of your fellow contestants. Celebrate in style and raise the Taskmaster Trophy above your head as the deserved winner of your very own Taskmaster Christmas Special.


The Taskmaster Crackers can be found on Amazon as well as The Taskmaster Store along with many other Taskmaster gifts and merchandise.

The last shipping dates for Christmas are 18th December for the UK, 11th December for Europe, and 4th December for the rest of the world.


“Taskmaster is miraculous. It deserves to be carried through the streets in a sedan chair”
Stuart Heritage, The Guardian


“Taskmaster is the show we need right now”

Anita Singh, The Daily Telegraph


“Offering the most guaranteed laugh per hour on TV right now”

Sharon Lougher, Metro


“it’s a brilliantly bizarre hour of telly… Taskmaster is still firing on all cylinders”
Huw Fullerton, Radio Times


“TV’s most reliably hilarious game show … and the tasks are as admirably unpredictable as ever”
Steven Perkins, TV Times Magazine


“hilarious, brilliant nonsense”
Sara Wallis, The Mirror




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Taskmaster Fact Sheet

  • Taskmaster is a BAFTA winning and International Emmy nominated comedy entertainment show originally created by Alex Horne. Greg Davies stars as the all-powerful “Taskmaster” who, with the help of his loyal assistant Horne, sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five comedians through a series of strange and surreal challenges in what is the most hard-fought and ridiculous comedy entertainment format on TV.
  • The news arrives as the sixteenth series of Taskmaster is currently on air on Channel 4, with the final episode starring Julian Clary (Friday Night Live, Channel 4), Lucy Beaumont (Meet The Richardsons, Dave), Sam Campbell (Bloods, Sky), Sue Perkins (Perfectly Legal, Netflix), and Susan Wokoma (Cheaters, BBC One), airs at 9pm, Thursday 23rd November on Channel 4.
  • The Taskmaster book ‘200 Extraordinary Tasks for Ordinary People’ was published in 2018, while a second book ‘Bring Me The Head of the Taskmaster’ was published in September 2021 and combined they have sold 180,000 copies to date. Both books featured as Sunday Times Bestsellers at launch. The Swedish version of the book has sold 108,000 copies to date.
  • A Taskmaster boardgame was released in Autumn 2019 and entirely sold out a week after it went on sale. It has sold over 250,000 copies to date along with an expansion pack. A second game, Taskmaster The Secret Series Game was released in 2022. Taskmaster The Card Game was released in September 2022 and has sold over 70,000 copies to date. All the games are available to buy from the official Taskmaster shop, www.TaskmasterStore.com.
  • Taskmaster Education takes elements of the show and uses them to inspire, engage and teach children and young people. Tasks can be adapted to meet a near infinite range of teacher objectives, whether curriculum-based or more focused on social and emotional development. Taskmaster Club launched in September 2023, offering schools across the country the opportunity to host after school clubs that bring Little Alex Horne and the silly joy of Taskmaster into their classrooms. Over 800 schools in the UK have registered to date on com.
  • Taskmaster is working with Homeless Link; the national membership charity for frontline homelessness services, creating a virtual Taskmaster at Home event with all the money raised going to homeless charities across the UK. Having raised over £125,000, more information on the virtual event can be found here.
  • The launch of series 13 also saw the unveiling of the brand new Taskmaster App; a show companion where viewers can watch the show on TV and score along at home, taking on the role of the mighty Taskmaster themselves. The app also features the Taskmaster Academy with quizzes from every series of the show, group and solo tasking games, and a Jukebox featuring all of the music from the show.


Taskmaster can be watched on:
Channel 4 / All 4
Taskmaster YouTube Channel