Tuesday 26th September, 2023: Graeme Hall, best known for training badly behaved dogs in hit show Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly (Channel 5), embarks on a completely different journey in the canine world, going behind the scenes with exclusive access at Willows Hospital in Solihull in 4 part series, The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall.

Willows is one of Britain’s busiest and most state-of-the-art veterinary hospitals, and Graeme gains exclusive access to witness leading edge procedures, joining highly skilled specialists and seeing miraculous recoveries.

In the opening episode of The Dog Hospital, 10-month-old Springer Spaniel Louie has been involved in a terrifying accident which has left him with potentially life-threatening internal injuries.  Whilst out for a walk Louie impaled himself on stick that travelled deep inside his chest, stopping millimetres from his heart and a major artery.  The soft tissue team rush Louie in for emergency surgery to remove traces of stick, stop the risk of serious infection and try to save this Spaniel’s life

Graeme follows the work of the veterinary physiotherapy team as they help 12-week-old Elton, a Sussex Spaniel, who needs to learn to walk again. The puppy has been referred to the hospital after a freak accident at home that’s left him partially paralysed. Distraught owner Philippa has to leave her beloved pup in the care of a team of veterinary experts for an intensive course of physiotherapy, in the hope that they are able to get Elton’s back legs working again.

The life of 10-year-old, diabetic Husky Akasha and her distraught owners was turned upside down when she went blind overnight. Graeme joins them in a consultation when he gets an understanding of what caused the blindness before the surgeons carry out what they hope will be a life changing, precision operation to try to restore her eyesight. Any mistake could mean Akasha remains blind for life.

Graeme Hall said, “I’ve been privileged to follow highly skilled specialists behind the scenes at one of the country’s top veterinary hospitals recently, as they give hope to some very poorly dogs and their worried owners.  It’s been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share it with Channel 5 viewers.”

Outside of the dog hospital, master dog trainer Graeme Hall has had a very busy few years with five successful hit series of Dogs Behaving Very Badly (Channel 5) under his belt along with a sixth commission already in production. Armed with over 15 years of training, the equivalent of approx. 105 dog years, Graeme has certainly been put to the test by training over 5,100 dogs (and even one fox!) of all breeds and sizes as well as their owners.  He has also launched two successful series of his very own pooch podcast called Talking Dogs with Graeme Hall, where he talks about how he trains dogs and gives out tips in addition to two published books, All Dogs Great and Small and Perfectly Imperfect Puppy.

The Dog Hospital with Graeme Hall airs from Thursday 5th October at 8pm on Channel 


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