hugely physical with his performances and relentlessly funny, he has been a mainstay of the schedules for more than a decade”
Iman Amrani, The Guardian

“one of the world’s top comedians”
 Martin Hemming, The Sunday Times

“the star doesn’t shy away from the biggest news stories of the week…hilarious”
Louis Staples, The Independent

“Russell Howard has found his place with this satirical vehicle”
Victoria Segal, The Sunday Times


Filming of topical entertainment series The Russell Howard Hour has been cancelled this week in light of current events. Filming will recommence next week and the show will return to screens on 22 September.


The sixth series of The Russell Howard Hour, produced by Avalon, was commissioned by Zai Bennett, Managing Director of Content for Sky UK and Ireland and Phil Edgar-Jones, Director, Sky Arts and Head of Entertainment. The Commissioning Editors for Sky are Shirley Jones and Dwayne Eaton. The Executive Producers for Avalon are Richard Allen-Turner, James Taylor and Jon Thoday and the Series Producer is Jason Dawson.


@russellhowardLiz Truss asked Nicola Sturgeon for advice on how to *checks notes* get into Vogue Magazine…♬ original sound – Russell Howard


Other Things The Press Said About The Russell Howard Hour:

★★★★The Mail On Sunday ★★★★ Heat Magazine ★★★★ The Daily Star ★★★★ TV Times ★★★★ The Daily Express ★★★★ Star Magazine 

“sardonic but ultimately affirmative and optimistic take on global news and politics. What sets Howard apart from other TV satirists is his faith in human nature.”
Ed Power, The i

“Altogether more politicised and hard-hitting….It was a treat to find Howard showing so much bite… it’s not often you get such spiky satire on Sky1…Howard and his Hour should be applauded.”
Michael Hogan, The Daily Telegraph 

“Howard’s routines provide a more pointed critique of government incompetence and malfeasance than you might expect…his interview segments offer extended chats with an eclectic range of guests beyond the same old roster of celebrities”
Jack Seale, Radio Times

“Underestimate Russell Howard at your peril…behind that smile is a performer with real teeth ready to tear into current affairs and the many failings of our lords and masters”
Mark Wareham, The Mail On Sunday

“There is no denying the popularity of Russell. As his topical comedy returns for its fourth series, the numbers it can boast are staggering- it’s had over 400 million views on social media and has covered topics as varied as the porn industry and Ku Klux Klan”
Eleanor Relf, The Sun

“the star doesn’t shy away from the biggest news stories of the week…hilarious”
Louis Staples, The Independent

“a big hit for Sky”

“His topical chat show has been a hit, securing fascinating celebs like Louis Theroux, Jon Ronson and Naomi Klein for extended chats”
Graeme Virtue, The Guardian

“Russell Howard gets set to nail our messed-up world once again with another series of sharp comedic insights from the week’s biggest stories”
Emily Baker, The i 

 “The Russell Howard Hour, a weekly comedy series on Sky 1 in which Howard brings his characteristic wit and observational humor to the stories dominating the cultural zeitgeist.”
Dane Rivera, UPROXX (USA)

“a refreshing antidote to the default world-weary cynicism of so many of his comedy peers.”
Sharon Lougher, Metro

“Russell Howard has truly gone global…Though he may be known for his cheeky, happy-go-lucky demeanour, Howard has never been one to shy away from the bigger issues…Whether it’s highlighting child hunger, unashamed praise for the police, or taking aim at Trumps’ views on transgender people in the military, the varying topics are all things Howard has a strong opinion on.”
Alex Nelson, The i

“no one can seriously deny him his place at comedy’s top table…the way in which Howard views the world has changed. He is more reflective, less flippant, than he used to be”
Rupert Hawksley, The Daily Telegraph

What The Press Have Said About Russell’s stand-up:

“With smart, satisfying and well-rationed callbacks, Howard builds his giddy anecdotes into a tsunami of feelgood humour, drenching the sizeable crowd in positivity. No wonder they were moved to rise to their feet… and not just in the usual festival shuffle for the exit.” ★★★★½
Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Howard’s riffs on life in 2021 that is the best material…Respite is, at times, Howard’s philosophy on life. Sort of like a self-help book for a flawed world slowly coming out of hibernation that would be a whole lot better – and sillier – if we followed his advice….has achieved global success… You would have to be pretty joyless yourself not to have fun at a Russell Howard gig. He will now take these life lessons around the world, offering togetherness, hope and a lot of silliness” ★★★★
Martin Booth, The Telegraph

“In 2021, what does gratitude sound like? Having witnessed it firsthand, I’d say it’s the sound of a 2000-seat auditorium lit up with laughter…Howard is one of the world’s biggest comedy stars. His flow is punchy and unstoppable”
Maggie Wicks, The New Zealand Herald

“Howard is a megastar” ★★★★
Allan Radcliffe, The Times

“Howard’s presence and manner are honed art forms, and his pacing is close to perfection. His set is tightly-packed, relentless, accelerating and energetic. But every word is crystal clear. This tightrope between rushing and dragging is rarely so well walked.” ★★★★
Alex Bruce, Chortle

“In Respite he takes stock of the current chaos and concludes that we need more fun…. Howard says laughter brings people together. It certainly did last night.”
★★★★ Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard 

“Russell Howard is at the top of his game, his elegantly crafted observational stand-up using cunningly spun callbacks and physical comedy to flirt with controversy, domesticity, politics, sex, and Calippo ice lollies”
Stephen Armstrong, The Sunday Times 

“Hero’s return for the uplifting comedy king…Howard is undeniably one of the biggest names in comedy”
★★★★ Josh Stephenson, Metro

“Howard masterfully builds a show that is hilarious and convincing in equal manner”
★★★★ Owen Richards, The i

“It’s safe to say this show went down a storm”
★★★★★ Tabitha James, Young Perspective

“Arguably one of the funniest blokes to come out of the United Kingdom right now, you can rest assured Russell Howard will be keeping the laughs coming”
Mina Kerr-Lazenby, Stuff


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