“This has become one of the funniest shows on television”

Helen Stewart, The Sunday Times

“Taskmaster is the show we need right now”
★★★★ Anita Singh, The Daily Telegraph

“I wish I had discovered it earlier as it’s sublimely silly and funny”
★★★★★ Deborah Ross, The Mail on Sunday

“The funniest double act on television… Taskmaster is one of TV’s most refreshing comedies. It’s nonsensical, silly and different from anything else on TV”
Frances Taylor, Radio Times

The uncompromising Taskmaster Greg Davies is set to uphold tradition and invite the winners of series six to ten to a brand-new Champion of Champions tournament, adjudicated by the PA of PAs, Little Alex Horne. Hot on the heels of a heroically fought 13th series of the BAFTA and National Comedy Award winning show, five task titans will compete in the ultimate quest for victory at 9pm on Thursday 23rd June on Channel 4.

Returning to the scene of the greatest triumph of their lives to try and become the next Champion of Champions, Greg’s expectations will be sky high as he watches previous Taskmaster Champions Ed Gamble destroy a bath toy, Kerry Godliman rolling a bobbin, Liza Tarbuck avoiding low-flying bananas, Lou Sanders painting on skates and Richard Herring revealing his bare feet. Who will emerge as the ultimate victor and bask in the glory of the greatest triumph in television?

Taskmaster Champion of Champions airs at 9pm, Thursday 23rd June 2022 on Channel 4
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“Thirteen may be considered an unlucky number but, if this first episode of the 13th season of Taskmaster is any indication, fortune still favours Greg Davies and Alex Horne as they execute their well-established formula… if they keep it up, this season looks to be great fun”
Daniel Brooks, The Daily Telegraph

“Taskmaster continues to be one of the most joyfully pure shows on TV, existing in its own world of all-pervasive daftness”
Phil Harrison, The Guardian

“Having recently won Best Comedy Entertainment Show at the National Comedy Awards and launched its own streaming service, Taskmaster Supermax+, this comedy challenge show is unstoppable… The laughs per minute are impossible to keep track of”
★★★★ TV Times Magazine

“Is there anything as dependably joyous as the sublimely silly game show presented by Greg Davies and his studiedly understated sidekick Alex Horne?”
★★★★★ The Mail on Sunday

“such gloriously innocent fun”
★★★★ Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“Greg Davies and Alex Horne’s celebrity gauntlet Taskmaster has established itself as a telly staple”
Ammar Kalia, The Observer

“bursting at the seams with visual silliness… As ever with Taskmaster, this is tomfoolery at its finest”
Gemma Graham, The Sun

“It’s a typically rollicking edition of the daftest game show on TV”
Keith Watson, Metro

“inexplicably entertaining”
Victoria Segal, The Sunday Times

“it’s hard to beat”
David Butcher, Radio Times

“hugely entertaining”
★★★★ Jason Arnopp, Heat

“the comic chemistry of the contestants once again judged to perfection”
Gabriel Tate, The Sunday Telegraph

Yet another cracking line-up of funny people assemble for the 13th series of the comedy world’s equivalent of National Service”
Joe Clay, The Times

“It’s always a joy to welcome another series of the show with some of the daftest but most entertaining challenges on TV”
Total TV Guide

“It may be 13 series in, but the daftest game show on the box has lost none of its might as a monstrously good line-up takes on the chaotic challenges”
Lynn Gibson, Inside Soap

“If it were a professional comedian, I’d call my agent to try and get on this show, because its great exposure”
Gerrard Gilbert, The I

“the ever inventive Little Alex Horne has been dreaming up loads more barmy challenges to set”
Mike Ward, The Daily Star



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