Coming Soon to London’s West End…Spitting Image Live, featuring the Liar King – Live Public Service Satire from the BritBox and ITV hit show to land in 2022

It was announced today (20 December 2021) that the Spitting Image puppets will tread the boards of London’s West End in 2022.

Spitting Image co-creator Roger Law added: “The last month has shown Spitting Image has been far too kind to Boris and his pals on TV recently.  So to deliver the kind of sharp satire and laughter they deserve Spitting Image have decided to make a live production.  Whilst Boris and his boys and girls level themselves ever upwards to the sunny uplands… we are preparing to level them down to size in a West End theatrical show.  We can’t give too much away at this time, possibly because we’re still writing it, however, unlike Boris, we will deliver with no shortcuts.  I’m afraid there will be lies because it’s Boris.  I can tell you that we have devised a spectacular show-stopping ending, a huge carnival head of Boris that fills the stage will open its mouth and spew a snowstorm of paper lies all over the theatre. The lies printed on small pieces of paper will flutter down onto the audience who will be able to pick up their favourite Boris untruths and take them home as mementoes. Videndum spectaculum!”

Further information will be announced in due course.

Since returning in 2020 Spitting Image has delivered record subscribers for BritBox UK, the BBC and ITV created streaming platform, as well as picking up huge critical acclaim (quotes below). Across official social media channels, Spitting Image content has been hugely popular with over 200 million views globally, three No. 1 trending videos on YouTube and achieved praise across political the political divide (quotes below).  Three one-off specials for ITV have also seen huge success on terrestrial television: with a 4.4 million audience with a one-off US Election Special, the highest Saturday night ratings at that time in four years (one of ITV’s biggest Saturday night ABC1 audiences of 2020); a 2021 Halloween Special was the channel’s second most watched show on the Saturday it was broadcast; and a Christmas Special is scheduled for this Christmas Eve at 10pm.

Series two has already seen the introduction of new puppets of prominent figures including: Emma Raducanu, Olivia Colman, Sajid Javid, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Tom Cruise, Tom Daley, Jess Phillips, Ariana Grande, Gary Lineker, Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, and Raheem Sterling, to name a few, to add to the existing cast of hundreds puppets of global figures including: Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Prince Andrew, Harry Kane, Vladimir Putin, Harry & Meghan, Beyoncé, Angela Merkel, Dwayne Johnson, Gareth Southgate, Ed Sheeran, Jürgen Klopp, Elon Musk, Adele, Covid-19, James Corden, Emmanuel Macron, Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, and Dominic Cummings.

With the world getting smaller and more turbulent, last year celebrated Spitting Image co-creator Roger Law returned to head up the show’s creative team, while multi-award-winner Jeff Westbrook (The Simpsons, Futurama) joined as Showrunner, leading the TV show’s international writing team on the iconic British satirical take on global events. A next generation of satirical writers and voice artists worked with established talent to drive a new wave of ‘public service satire’. Writers on series 2 of the TV show included: Al Murray, Bert Tyler-Moore (The Windsors), Bill Odenkirk (The Simpsons), Brona C. Titley (The Tracey Ullman Show), Jason Hazeley & Nico Tatarowicz (Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe/Murder in Successville), Karl Minns (Russell Howard’s Good News), Keisha Zollar (Astronomy Club), Laura Major (Famalam), Matt Forde, Patric Verrone (The Simpsons), with many more joining the growing team.  Voice artists include: Billy West (Futurama), Debra Stephenson (The Impressions Show), Debra Wilson (Family Guy), Tom Stourton (Pls Like, Horrible Histories), Eshaan Akbar (Mock The Week) Indira Varma (Game of Thrones), Jess Robinson (The Imitation Game), John DiMaggio (Futurama), Lewis MacLeod (Dead Ringers), Lobo Chan (Killing Eve), Luke Kempner (The Imitation Game), Matt Forde (The Political Party) and Phil LaMarr (Pulp Fiction), with many more joining as the puppet cast grows. The show is ultra-topical with scripts being written and new puppets made as close to each episode as possible.

Internationally, a bespoke German language version of the show has successfully launched in Germany with Der Spiegel hailing it as “really good” and news stories of far-right politicians from AfD considering legal action – Spitting Image: The Krauts’ Edition, includes the globally resonating content from the English language version (redubbed by Germany’s leading voice artists), with new topical local sketches (written by German comedy writers) – all filmed in the UK-based Spitting Image studio as close to transmission to ensure maximum topicality.  Elsewhere the debut drew the second-best channel audience figure in Finland for its time slot and was hailed by the leading Finnish newspaper as being, “As vicious and risqué as before” and successfully launched in Belgium with a 22% of total TV audience share, the show is a leading title for BritBox Australia, as well as seeing millions of views in the USA via YouTube.

Spitting Image Live will be produced by Avalon.

More information on Spitting Image Live to follow soon…

Praise for the return of Spitting Image

What the press said so far about series 2 of Spitting Image

“The reboot of Spitting Image has been a big hit since its return last autumn” ★★★★
Mark Wareham, The Mail on Sunday

“The puppets, made to be seen in the age of HD, are finished to an even high quality than they were in the show’s influential first run… they are quite extraordinary… the quality of the puppets and the impressions was outstanding.”
Dominic Maxwell, The Times

“The scarily on-the-nose topical satire – relaunched to great acclaim last year – has been busy boiling up new batches of wickedly funny sketches … the treats keep coming” ★★★★
Simone Andrews, The Daily Mail

“there is life and mischief and deception and chaos… Matt Forde is doing his annoyingly good impression of the PM”
Matt Chorley, The Sunday Times

Mike Mulvihill, The Daily Mail

“roaringly tasteless, thoroughly mean …very funny.”
David Butcher, The Radio Times

“when Spitting Image hits the mark, no satirical show eviscerates public figures with such a savage bite. And the impressions are amusingly spot-on, with a special shout out to Matt Forde’s Johnson.”
Vicki Power, The Daily Telegraph

“laughter helps in the face of fear, after all.”
Hollie Richardson, The Guardian / The Observer

“Resurrected to wide acclaim a year ago, the latest version’s grotesque creations are every bit as on the money as the scriptwriters and performers put current issues in the spotlight”
The Daily Star

Jason Arnopp, Heat

“the updated Spitting Image continues to pull it off”
Eleanor Relf, The Sun

“The sheer breadth and detail of the craftsmanship is remarkable and the voiceover work pretty impressive… topical satire with the handbrake truly off is thin on the ground”
Gabriel Tate, The Times

TV Times

“side-splitting topical satire.”
Dan Turner, Total TV Guide / TV Choice

Hannah Wright, Closer

Charlie Stayt: “It is funny… it is funny”
Naga Munchetty: “it is, and it’s supposed to be, and it is”
BBC One Breakfast

“sharpening its knives and getting stuck in”
The Guardian

“COMEDY OF THE WEEK…bet they’re sorry they’ve had to put the awful Trump colon into storage”
Jack Seale, Radio Times

“bitingly funny sketch show … no one is safe from a satirical roasting.”
Emily Baker, The i

“sharply satirical”
Robin Wiggs, Daily Mail

“Sometimes laughter is the best medicine… Chaotic comedy at its very best!”
The Daily Mirror & The Daily Express

“it’s just as outrageous as ever”
Harry Fletcher, Metro

“A crack team of writers and voice artists”
Anna Burnside, Daily Record

“Having survived the sheer horror of watching Donald Trump’s disembodied colon … No spoilers here, but there could possibly be another furore.”
Michael Hodges, Radio Times

“Reviews for series one of the new Spitting Image were almost universally positive.”
Mike Ward, The Daily Star

What the press said about series 1 of Spitting Image

“lost none of its savagery or willingness to shock.” ★★★★
Mark Lawson, The Guardian

“so far its resurrection is pleasingly familiar to those who remember the original… they haven’t, despite early reports, held back on the viciousness… in general, a B-plus”
Euan Ferguson, The Observer

“TV GOLD: The Boris sat-nav sketch and Keir Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet/donkey sanctuary eeh-awing down the phone to him”
“TV GOLD: The Keir Starmer “Foxman” sketch and Meghan Markle’s”
Ally Ross, The Sun

“with its Trumpian body part, hideously tweeting, one of the (horribly, brilliantly) unforgettable moments of this year’s TV.”
David Butcher, The Radio Times

“Throughout, the puppets and the impressions are pleasures in themselves… Spitting Image still has some fire lurking in its belly.” ★★★★
Dominic Maxwell, The Times

“a hit show… Spitting Image has provided some rare laughs… we need those puppets back soon.”
Ian Burrell, The i

“some sublime moments… You can happily enjoy all that creativity while you wait for the next joke to pull in.” ★★★★
Sean O’Grady, The Independent

“congratulations on Spitting Image, we’ve just been watching it this morning, we could barely do the first half hour of the show, I mean seriously… thanks goodness it’s back… it’s as fresh as a daisy this one … it’s hilarious”
Chris Evans, Virgin Radio

“the much-missed satirical puppet show made a triumphant return” ★★★★
Mark Wareham, The Mail on Sunday

Mike Mulvihill, The Daily Mail

Mike Ward, Daily Star

Simone Andrews, The Daily Mail

Daily Star on Sunday

“the superb new Spitting Image series on BritBox… the sharpest, funniest and most ferocious take on events you’ll see all week.”
Eleanor Relf, The Sun

“The first series of BritBox’s Spitting Image revival went out with a bang… triumphant return as one of BritBox’s first original titles, with a whole host of new distorted puppets… the platform’s subscribers will undoubtedly miss the show’s weekly political parodies.”
Lauren Morris, Radio Times

“Trump’s puppet is spot-on, looking like a swollen tuna in a wig.”
James Jackson, The Times

“Better latex than never”
The Guardian

“bitingly funny puppet sketch show…Laughs when we need them most”
Sunday Mirror

“it can go to places other comedies can’t”
Jack Seale, Radio Times

“… it’s finally here. One of the most influential British satirical shows of all time”
Henry Mance, Financial Times

“it’s very very funny”
Gaby Roslin, BBC Radio London

“hit revival”
Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2

“I couldn’t agree more with the success it’s having over here”
Richard Arnold, ITV Good Morning Britain

“I watched some of this last night, with some trepidation having loved it in my youth, but I actually really enjoyed it and laughed more than I thought I would… I very much enjoyed the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden as the practically perfect Mary Poppins”
Rachel Burden, BBC Radio 4

“it certainly did not disappoint… it was cracking, I loved it, I highly recommend people watching it… absolutely brilliant”
Ayesha Hazarika, Times Radio

“satirical sidesplitter… We need them kept on their toes now more than ever.”
Andy Halls, The S

“it’s strangely comforting that Spitting Image can return and still (as the Twitter furore and the USA’s hesitation to even screen it prove) have that power to wind folk right up! Welcome back, guys!”
Jack Bottomley, Starburst Magazine

“has certainly got plenty of people laughing”
Total TV Guide

“it’s more vicious than ever”
Ralph Jones, NME

“The first thing to say about the revived Spitting Image is that it works. This will come as a relief to those, including your reviewer, for whom the original show was a vital part of the 1980s and 90s”
Robert Hutton, The Critic

“I did watch the relaunched Spitting Image (BritBox), and some of it was quite funny. The satire of Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson had a certain truth about it.”
David Mellor (quoted in The Times)

“The show has been a huge hit with viewers due to its hilarious portrayal of likes of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Dominic Raab and Priti Patel.”
Lucy Murgatroyd, The Sun

“has truly found its moment by accurately caricaturing the physiognomical state of Donald Trump (candyflossed barnet, tan not so much Palm Beach as Nagasaki)… Long may its comedic genius be with us.”
Gavin Docherty, Daily Express

“ingenuity, along with the signature grotesque caricatures its talented puppetry department keep producing.”
Ivan Radford, VODzilla

“its targets are once again gleaned from far and wide across the social spectrum… having merciless fun poked straight into them…  the buffoonery and entitlement of Trump and Johnson ceaselessly demolished.”
Brian Donaldson, The Lis

“The puppets are as brilliant as always”
Gerard Gilbert, The i

“I really enjoyed it again this time around… I love the look of the puppets, I like the fact that there’s still a lot of savagery there, they’re pretty merciless”
Fiona Shepherd, The Scotsman (on BBC Radio Scotland)

“some of it was very funny”
Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke/Evening Standard

“To these eyes, it’s been a welcome revival: toothier than most TV comedy – bolstered by A-list writers and voice artists – with outstanding puppetcraft to marvel at”
Mike McCahill, Reader’s Digest

On Twitter…


 “Just watched Spitting Image. Was so worried I’d be disappointed or it’d be lame. Thank God, it’s anything but. It’s really funny.”
Lewis Goodall
(Policy Editor at BBC Newsnight)

“Loving Spitting Image so far.”
Tim Stanley
(Historian, Columnist & Leader Writer at The Daily Telegraph)

“I thought the best sketch of the last Spitting Image was the Nancy Pelosi one – nice example of how satire doesn’t have to lean left”
Henry Mance
(The Financial Times)

“The new Spitting Image series is funny because it follows the first rule of political satire: Be unspeakably rude to everyone.”
Keith Humphreys
(Journalist at Washington Post/Professor at Stanford University)

“The new Spitting Image puppet of Dominic ‘I was only testing my eyesight’ Cummings is sublime.”
Piers Morgan

“The first time I can recall a Spitting Image puppet [shares Piers Morgan puppet] to be actually quite flattering.”
Gary Lineker

“Politicians and celebrities will be cringing behind the sofa. Spitting Image is back and as unforgiving as ever.”
Kay Burley

“Xi Jinping, TikTok and the Jinping Shuffle c/o Spitting Image. #China”
Stephen McDonell
(BBC China Correspondent)

“The new Spitting Image on BritBox had a properly funny piss-take of Klopp last weekend BTW. Taking the piss out of his humility and self-deprecation. With a really good impression. Proper satire. He would love it…This was the first Spitting Image (new era) take on Klopp. Which was … spot on… Trump absolutely grotesque: which is accurate. The arsehole tweeting is just horrible, and funny. Priti Patel and Gove too. Boris J an idiot; Cummings a wacko alien. Biden a lame duck. Starmer struggling for relevance. All-round satire”
Nick Harris
(The Mail on Sunday/

“Unfortunately, it’ll be hard for Americans to watch ‘Spitting Image’.  The television network NBC has backed out of broadcasting the series at the last moment, apparently for fear of offending people. Which is of course the point of the show.”
John Simpson
(BBC News)

“Spitting Image should just set this [the real Trump speaking around US Election] to the music from Chariots of Fire and run it in full”
Tim Shipman
(The Sunday Times)

“am not going to miss the Spitting Image guest for anything!”
Tim Levell
(Programme Director at Times Radio)

“The Spitting Image take on Jacinda Ardern’s coronavirus brutality cloaked in Kiwi kindness is brilliant. And very very funny.”
Dan Wootton
(TalkRadio/The Sun)

“Michael Gove Visits Mistress Priti Patel’s Boudoir. WATCH & GIGGLE: Spitting Image”
Peter Tatchell
(Human Rights Campaigner/Director of The Peter Tatchell Foundation)

“Just watched first ep of Spitting Image – The Guardian gives it 4 stars I give it 5 !! Absolutely hilarious and of course hugely offensive”
Derren Litten
(Creator of Benidor

“I recommend you watch Spitting Image”
Mike Gapes
(Former Member of UK Parliament)

“In case you’ve not realised yet, the new Spitting Image is brilliant. Annoying all the right people. It lampoons Trump and Pence and Boris sure, that’s easy. But also Ardern, Starmer and Harris. That’s less easy, and they’re even funnier.”
Rupert Beale
(Group Leader, Cell Biology of Infection at The Francis Crick Institute)

“very good gags … Matt Hancock’s puppet might replace Matt Hancock”
Toby Earle
(TV Journalist)

“wickedly offensive”
Darren Scott
(SFX Magazine)

“Back to its absurd, irreverent and deliciously crude best. So pleased to have it back.”
Adam Fowler
(TV Reporter)

“Spitting Image is every bit as brilliant as I hoped it would be”
Neil Wilkes
(Co-Founder of Digital Spy/Editor of Sports Mole)

“Spitting Image, watched first episode last night. Trump, Boris and Cummings are in a class of their own. Absolutely brilliant.”
Graeme Bandeira
(Newspaper Cartoonist)


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