Jack Wagner

I am mainly a director, that is what I went to school for- got a degree in film/documentary. I’ve worked extensively in all forms of film in different positions. I’ve spent a good chunk of my early career doing one man shoots where I film, light, sound, edit everything myself. Additionally, I spent many years working as a political media strategist, kind of a long story but it is true. From there I went into the advertising/branding space. I directed lots of music videos. Did lots of other bizarre projects that are hard to explain. And of course, most recently created a show of my own Like & Subscribe.


As of right now I work every week on the podcast and additionally have a decent amount of consulting work with a few clients on retainer. These are closer to the world of media strategy and advertising but with a touch of film. I do A LOT of work for JUUL which I don’t really talk about publicly lol. I do strategy for a pop musician named Bea Miller, I freelance at Deutsch and have a couple other weird irons in the fire.