THE BUTTON ARRIVES ON BBC ONE – Friday 20th April 2018
THE BUTTON ARRIVES ON BBC ONE - Friday 20th April 2018

From the creators of Taskmaster, The Button will arrive in a home near you this April on BBC One.

The Button (the show’s host, judge and, of course, actual button) makes its debut in this brand-new game show taking place in the houses of five UK families who compete to win challenges in the comfort of their living rooms.  Arriving in all five locations simultaneously, The Button will set the households a series of fiendishly fun challenges requiring skill, determination and intellect, over one anything-can-happen day.  At any time The Button can decide to turn red, meaning all five families must keep a vigilant eye on their talkative new house guest and press it as soon as they can to start – the games are played at precisely the same time in each home so a late push of the button puts a team at a serious disadvantage.  Drawing on the resourcefulness of all members of the house, from whip-smart kids to ever-wise (you’d hope) grandparents, the families compete for big money prizes.

With different amounts of money up for grabs for each challenge, The Button lets the most successful household pocket everything they’ve won during the show.  The losing teams get… absolutely nothing, but do return to try again next week.  Each episode’s winning family must then decide whether to keep the cash and exit the series, or accept The Button’s tempting offer of a bonus £10,000 in the belief they can win again next week (although if they don’t, they lose it all).

Get to know The Button’s chosen households over the coming series as they spend their days waiting for their affable house guest to turn red – entrusting the all-important job of Button-watching (with varying degrees of success) to different family members, hopefully always poised to pounce the split-second it’s time to play.

The Button is produced by Avalon and devised by the makers of Taskmaster, Andy Devonshire (The Great British Bake Off, The Apprentice) and Alex Horne.  Executive producers are Richard Allen-Turner, Andy Devonshire, Alex Horne and Jon Thoday.  The Series Producer is Sallie Clement and Series Director is Andy Devonshire.  The Button was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, BBC Director of Television and Kate Phillips, BBC Controller of Entertainment, while the BBC Commissioning Editor is Jo Wallace.



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