“An inspired reboot… The set up/gag rhythms are as slick as ever – a drum machine of good jokes, double entendres and mishearings.”

David Butcher, Radio Times

“It’s no accident that this is now the BBC’s longest-running sitcom currently on air – it’s just terrific telly.”

Eleanor Relf, The Sun

Lee Mack’s multi award-winning hit show, and longest running sitcom on air, returns to BBC One this March.

We rejoin Lee (Lee Mack) and Lucy (Sally Bretton) living in the anarchy of a packed family house with kids Charlie and twin siblings, Benji and Molly.  As if children weren’t enough to keep the couple crashing from one near-disaster to the next, factor in lovably feckless father, Frank (Bobby Ball), close friends in the form of the world-weary, or more specifically wife-weary, Toby (Hugh Dennis) and uptight ice-queen Anna (Abigail Cruttenden).  At least Lucy’s more dependable parents are on hand, but we know what Geoffrey (Geoffrey Whitehead) and Wendy (Deborah Grant) make of their daughter’s life choices, and more specifically her wisecracking husband.

What could possibly go wrong this time for our couple with: Geoffrey (very reluctantly) trusting Lee and Lucy to help tidy his house while on holiday; Lucy thinking she’s stumbled on the perfect birthday event for Lee… a trip to a slightly sinister Escape Room; a prized keyring going missing, leading to friendships being put to the test – not to mention a truly terrifying insight into Toby and Anna’s marriage; deciding to introduce a pet into the house to teach “the kids” to be responsible; Lee and Lucy becoming addicted to the latest TV boxset and desperately trying to wriggle out of long-standing plans; the local Lollipop Man getting in the way of Lucy’s goal to make the family healthier; and Lucy considering that perhaps breast augmentation is the way to reconnect with the femininity she felt in her youth.

Lee Mack has established himself as one of the UK’s most recognisable and celebrated comedians and the last few months has also seen Lee return as resident team captain on the eleventh series of Would I Lie To You? (BBC One).

“This is now the longest-running British sitcom currently on our screens and is as funny, if not funnier, than when it first arrived in 2006.”

Mike Ward, The Daily Express

“The writing is as sharp as ever, with genuinely laugh-out-loud jokes” ★★★★

Jill Pelton, TV Times

Not Going Out series 9 starts in week 10

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He’s the king of the brilliantly worked one-liner…Lee and Lucy’s war of attrition is still present and correct and the punchlines wallop in your face as splendidly as ever”

Sharon Lougher, Metro

“in a heartbeat, the comedy about layabout Lee and his will-they-won’t-they relationship with flatmate Lucy has morphed into a family sitcom…  and the result is a delightfully gag-filled return to form.”

Sara Wallis, The Daily Mirror

 “the eighth series proves he’s up for moving forward… opening up a rich new seam of comic potential” 


Jason Arnopp, Heat

“the rarity of being a light sitcom that’s dependably funny thanks to script and character…is quite the achievement. No wonder its future is assured. The day Not Going Out is not going out on TV is a long way off.”

Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Not Going Out is king of the unsung heroes… expect plenty of laughs ahead” ★★★★

Star Magazine

“It’s great to see Lee and Lucy return… while the gags continue at a rapid fire pace, the stories this year are ones that many couples and families will identify with”

The Total TV Guide

“We can confirm the series returns on top form”

Mark Jeffries, The Daily Mirror


Daily Express, Saturday Magazine

“plenty of great gags”

Jake Seale, The Guardian

“a spectacularly funny ending.” ★★★★

Mike Mulvihill, Daily Mail Weekend 

“cleverly given this series of his a big twist, moving the story forward …Already a great show, it now has a whole new lease of comedy life”

Mike Ward, The Daily Star


Mark Wareham, The Mail on Sunday

“The jokes come as thick and fast as ever”

David Chater, The Times


Daily Star Sunday

“the excellent new Not Going Out”

David Stephenson, Sunday Express




Lucy’s father reluctantly allows Lee to help Lucy clear up the builder’s mess in their new kitchen extension.

Episode 2 – ESCAPE ROOM

As a surprise for Lee’s Birthday Lucy invites the whole family to join them in an Escape Room.

 Episode 3 – STOLEN

A missing toy keyring causes a rift between Lee and Lucy and best friends, Toby and Anna.

Episode 4 – PETS

To teach the children to be more responsible Lee and Lucy get a family pet.

Episode 5 – PANTS ON FIRE

When Lee and Lucy cancel dinner with Toby and Anna at the last moment it opens up a can of worms.

Episode 6 – LOLLIPOP MAN

Lee and Lucy object to the school lollipop man handing out lollipops to the kids.

Episode 7 – BUST UP

Encouraged by Anna, Lucy considers whether a breast augmentation is for her.



An Avalon production, the series is directed by Nick Wood and produced by Jamie Rix.  Executive Producers are Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, Lee Mack and Jon Thoday.