RUSSELL HOWARD’s 2014 sell-out, twice-extended world tour, Wonderbox, saw performances in countries including the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Scandinavia; at 285,000 tickets it was his biggest tour to date and, in London alone, saw him play four consecutive nights at the iconic Royal Albert Hall, two nights at the O2 Arena and a night at Wembley Arena. As part of this world tour, despite never performing in the USA before, or selling any of his TV shows Stateside, RUSSELL sold out the USA leg of that tour. With the main driver turning out to be online piracy of Russell Howard’s Good News, one of the BBC’s most successful shows on iPlayer, and word of mouth (amongst his 3 million Facebook fans and 1 million Twitter followers), it was decided in November 2014 to open a YouTube channel where fans in territories where Good News was not currently being broadcast had a legal place to view the hit series. The immediate and runaway success of that channel, which so far has had 9 million global views and been watched in every country in the world (including by two viewers in North Korea), has now resulted in an early return to North America this June with a brand new live show in major venues.

RUSSELL’s trademark mix of upbeat and razor-sharp comedy will hit New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Nashville, Denver, San Francisco, Austin, Portland, Seattle and Toronto. A packed few months for RUSSELL also sees a brand new televised stand-up series, Russell Howard’s Stand Up Central premiering on Comedy Central (UK) this month and his award-winning hit show, Russell Howar’s Good News (BBC Two) returning later this year.

2014 saw him release his fourth best-selling DVD, following in the footsteps of his other best’selling DVDs, Right Here, Right Now (2011), Russell Howard Live – Dingledodies (2009) and Russell Howard Live (2008); and successfully transfer BBC Three’s most successful entertainment show to BBC Two with over 3 million viewers tuning in each week.

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Note to editors:
Wednesday 24th June, Toronto, ON
Thursday 25th June, Toronto, ON
Friday 26th June, Toronto, ON
Saturday 27th June, Washington DC, Sixth & I
Sunday 28th June, Phillidelphia, TLA
Monday 29th June, New York, Gramercy
Tuesday 30th June, Boston, Brighton
Wednesday 1st July, Chicago, Lincoln
Thursday 2nd July, Nashville, Zanies
Monday 6th July, Austin, Cap City
Tuesday 7th July, Denver, Comedy Works
Wednesday 8th July, Los Angeles, El Rey
Thursday 9th July, San Francisco, Cobbs
Friday 10th July, Portland, Alberta Rose
Saturday 11th July, Seattle, Nordstrom

What the press have said recently about Russell Howard live

“Howard’s success is down to the way his comic outlook strikes a chord with so many younger people. He’s not afraid to be silly and gently whimsical but he never disappears up his own arse. And his attitude is always sunnily optimistic, taking delight in the daft little details of his life.”
James Kettle, The Guardian

“Howard has become one of the most successful stand-ups of his generation.”
Ross Jones, The Telegraph

“Perennially popular… sanguine hyperactive stand-up – with a healthy dollop of schoolyard puerility.”
Warren Howard, The Independent

“Wonderbox is basically Howard doing what he does best ★★★★”
Ben Williams, Time Out

What the press have said recently about Russell Howard’s Good News

“stupendously successful topical comedy show”
Sharon Lougher, Metro

“Quite the pan-generational sex symbol and rumpled comedy god these days; a huge TV star”
Alison Graham, Radio Times

“You can be sure that this cheeky chappie’s take on the week’s headlines will have you roaring with laughter.”
TV Times

“Howard is energetic, uncynical and, most importantly, very funny.”
David Hayles, The Times

“He knows how to cheer up a working week. Russ is topical comedy gold”

“Good News is a treat; a sillier version of Have I Got News for You”
Radio Times