Episode 1/4, Wednesday 18th September, 8pm, Channel 4

The Three Day Nanny will follow professional nanny, KATHRYN MEWES, as she answers the cries for help from desperate parents. Across this new series, NANNY MEWES will help families struggling with fussy eaters, temper tantrums and sleepless nights. Using her unique three day plan of action, KATHRYN will move into households which are being ruled by tearaway tots to give parents the tools they need for a happy home.

With twenty years of experience, NANNY MEWES will be championing the viewpoint of the child. By bridging the gap in communication, KATHRYN will empower the parents with the skills they need to effectively interact with their children.

In the first episode, KATHRYN travels to East Grinstead to meet the Rogers family to help parents, SUSAN and JAMES, with their three-year-old twin boys, ALFIE and HARRY. Stay-at-home dad, JAMES, needs help with the daily temper tantrums and fussy eating. Meanwhile, accountant SUSAN, dreads returning home from work to an exhausting bedtime ritual which can regularly last over two hours. With the couple at breaking point, they urgently need help to tackle the bad behaviour which has left them fearful of enjoying family activities in public without a major incident.

Answering their distress call, NANNY MEWES arrives with her suitcase as she moves in with the family for three days. By fully immersing herself in family life, KATHRYN can apply her years of experience to identify and solve common problems experienced not just by SUSAN and JAMES, but by countless parents across the country.

The parents are in for a shock when KATHRYN shifts the focus from the boys’ behaviour onto their own and suspects they are guilty of ‘over-parenting’. It’s an emotional journey for the whole family as NANNY MEWES helps both mum and dad to tackle the past to allow them to trust their sons and give them the space they need to grow up.

With tips and advice throughout the series, this episode introduces practical exercises such as a ‘wee tree’ for toilet training and tackles the boys’ fussy eating with helpful advice on portion control. As the family begin to make progress, NANNY MEWES introduces one of her reward schemes in which HARRY and ALFIE earn magic stones for good behaviour.

Tackling how to settle a child, introducing a balanced diet and dealing with disobedience – as well as facing up to terrifying tantrums – is all in a day’s work for NANNY MEWES as, throughout the series, she shares her advice with the nation and allows families to look ahead to a brighter future.

Produced by Liberty Bell Productions, this 4 x 60 series has been commissioned by Head of Formats, DOMINIC BIRD, for Channel 4. The executive producers are JAMIE ISAACS (Brat Camp, World’s Strictest Parents, The Choir) and MICHELE CARLISLE (Driving Mum and Dad Mad).

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