How To Get More Sex


How To Get More Sex (ITV1) is a factual entertainment series and format that aims to get to the bottom of the one question that's on everybody's mind.

This is a series for men and women, for the single and the married, for the old and the young; because somewhere deep down in the instincts which perpetuate the species - it's something we're all interested in. Even if we are blissfully happily married, being attractive to the opposite sex helps you get promoted, looked at and frankly feel rather good. It's programmed into our DNA. It's about perpetuating the species. It's primordial.

This programme will be jammed full of fun, interviews and informative experiments such as:
Are men frightened off by powerful women?

Will men always prefer the twin with the breast enhancement?
Will women always prefer the twin with the bulge in his trousers?
Can a woman be too beautiful?
Can a celebrity pick out her partner's sweaty T-shirt from six others - (including one worn by a seal)?

A Liberty Bell production for ITV1
Episodes available: 3 x 30'


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