In Greek, aggelos, in Latin, angelus and in Hebrew mahl-ach, three names, one meaning - messenger. We know them simply as angels. Artists have painted them, choirs have sung about them, poets and authors have written about them. For many they bring messages of love and reassurance, a promise that we're not alone, but are they myth or reality?

Angels is a compelling studio-based format that explores the challenging phenomenon of angels and angelic power. Produced by Liberty Bell for Sky Real Lives, the first season was extended, having doubled the average ratings for its primetime Friday night slot.

Hundreds of thousands of people are convinced they have experienced angel sightings or had life changing spiritual encounters; many more have been intrigued by the idea that there is something or someone out there guiding them. Host Gloria Hunniford is joined in the studio by international angel expert and best-selling author Glennyce Eckersley, psychologist Professor Christopher French, and psychic medium Nicky Alan, to delve into the history and myriad of beliefs behind this increasingly popular subject.

Each programme features a viewer's angel experience - told with dramatic reconstructions - as well as other regular strands that focus on specific concepts and practices connected with angels.

A Liberty Bell production for Sky Real Lives
Episodes available: 15 x 30'

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