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This autumn sees the release of the first ever Harry Hill’s TV Burp Book, packed with all-new jokes, puzzles, parodies, cartoons and games written exclusively for the book by the four-time BAFTA-winning comic. Now his ever-expanding army of fans can enjoy his uniquely irreverent take on TV unleashed onto the page for the first time, in this treasure trove of completely original content tailor-made for TV Burp’s literary debut.

In the book, HARRY reveals the TV shows set to make a splash in 2010, including: a Cash in The Attic Paul Burrell special, Piers Morgan’s National British Pride of Proudness Award, and Channel 4 documentary, Eugh! Look At His Head It’s All Swollen. There’s Heston Blumenthal’s Future of Food, in which the ‘self-styled baldy-bonce-four-eyed-twerp chef’ reveals his foods of the future predictions, many of which are ‘so far-fetched they’ll cause your elbows to invert and pants to fall down!’ And just because this is a book and not a TV show doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your second favourite show on ITV1… so sit back and play ‘what happened next’ in 2-Dimensional You’ve Been Framed!

There are guest pages by Sir Trevor McDonald - best-known for his stand-up spots on shows like the National TV Awards - who reveals what’s on his comedy set-list (differences between cats and dogs, relationships/the wife being a bitch, and a funny rap song about the week’s news); Jamie Oliver, who shares his plans to make poor people less fat (free lettuce for kids, get people smoking again, kill all firstborn of people who are fat); and a ‘humorous’ foreword by none other than HRH The Prince of Wales.

All this, plus: a Corrie photo-story of Ken’s Violent Rampage; HARRY lifts the lid on the TV Burp clip research warehouses based in India; and the world exclusive photos of JULIE HESMONDHALGH (Coronation Street’s Hayley Cropper, it’s really her) at home with her partner … The Knitted Character. And it’s just as well this first TV Burp Book is full of rib-tickling treats - there’s plenty of competition out there, as we find out in a sneak preview of autumn titles on - get ready for Ross Kemp in Peckham, The Best of Trinny and Susannah’s Examine the Nation’s Tackle, and Jeremy Clarkson’s Mein Kampf.

Returning this October, the last series of the multi-award winning Harry Hill’s TV Burp saw audiences regularly reach between 7.5 and 8 million viewers. As well as the TV series, a busy autumn for HARRY will see the release of Harry Hill’s TV Burp Gold 2, the follow-up to last year’s hugely successful debut DVD that gives fans another chance to catch the best bits from all nine series. But which is better, the show, the DVD, or the book? There’s only one way to find out…

Harry Hill’s TV Burp Book is published by Ebury on 8th October, priced £12.99


“There are very few comedy programmes that I simply know will have me howling with laughter. Harry Hill’s TV Burp is one of them. It’s ITV1’s comedy treasure: a supremely funny, silly, sideways, backwards, any way you like, view of TV…This is a comic rarity - a programme that any TV loving family can sit down and watch together. He’s clean, is our Harry.”
Alison Graham, Radio Times

“A rare and beautiful comedy hit that built an audience through word of mouth.”
Ally Ross, The Sun

“Harry Hill is becoming almost as important to ITV as his namesake Benny was in the last millennium … the freshest and most original show in mainstream television.”
Mark Lawson, The Guardian

“Consistently the funniest thing on television.”
Nigel Andrew, Daily Mail

“The funniest and cleverest programme on television by a mile.”
Jeff Anderson (Bafta Committee - Observer interview)

“TV Burp is the funniest show on British television.”
Chris Moyles, BBC Radio 1

“Masterfully skewers all the cheapness, incompetence, sentimentality and contempt for the viewer we see on our screens.”
Simon Hoggart, The Spectator

“The only show that I series link.”
Ian Hyland, News of the World

“Harry Hill’s TV Burp is the only thing on TV that actually makes me laugh out loud.”
Peter Kay

“Hoorah! That’s all that needs to be said about the return of the hit show for which seat reservations have to be made on the TV easy sofa to guarantee a place in front of the box. Cancel all your plans - and if you can’t cancel your plans, ignore them - and watch what is quite possibly the only show on British television that is touched by genius.”
Toby Earle, TV Easy

“I think one of the best things on TV just now is Harry Hill's TV Burp. It's great - it's on at 5.15pm and it's funnier than any show on Friday past 9pm. Because he can't use bad language, you get a wider range of comedy: satire, surrealism. He doesn't have to go for the guaranteed, quickfire response of swearing and getting a laugh... Anyone who can make my wife laugh . . . she had to watch Harry Hill kneeling on the floor once, doubled up."
Graham Linehan

"An out-and-out comic look at telly... which I think is brilliant by the way."
Charlie Brooker, The Guardian

“Give Harry a pat on the back - this is one of the funniest shows on TV.”
Alison Gardner, TV Times

“The man oozes genius. And that knighthood of his - 'for services to taking the pee out of soaps and stuff', to quote the palace - can only be days away.”
Mike Ward, Daily Star

“Easily the best thing on television.”
Tom Cullen, ShortList

“If you haven’t yet bought into Hill’s delightfully silly comedic take on TV, join the increasingly huge gang of devotees.”
Boyd Hilton, Heat

“I make no apologies for gleefully welcoming the return of TV Burp. It should be on everyday, not just for a few weeks a year.”
Alison Graham, Radio Times

“The big-collared comedian’s refreshingly clean TV review show was finally given the recognition it deserves when it won a British Comedy Award this month. Satire and the surreal combine in a deceptively frothy show - a veritable Christmas feast of madcap observations, impersonations and sketches.”
David Chater, The Times

“Whatever you do, don’t miss the treasurable Harry Hill’s TV Burp.”
Nancy Banks-Smith, The Guardian

“The new series of the big-collared comedian’s superb, skewed view of television opens with a review of 2007 … This new run of TV Burp marks the first day of ITV1’s revamped schedule, which also includes the return of News at Ten on Monday. It’s good to see that they’re keeping one of the best shows from the old ITV1 though.”
Matt Warman, ‘Television and Radio’ The Daily Telegraph

“By far the funniest thing on TV - and you don’t even have to watch the soaps he’s on about.”
Jonathan Pile, Zoo

“Anyone who thinks this isn’t the funniest show on telly needs taking out and shooting with a sense-of-humour cannon.”
Andrew Dickens, Nuts

“Harry Hill’s TV Burp was ITV1’s highest-rating comedy show this year, you know… And of course he deservedly walked off with a pair of honours at the British Comedy Awards earlier this month.”
Imogen Ridgway, Evening Standard

“A maverick television addict who somehow manages to pick up on particular features and nuances in programmes that pass many of us by. Conspicuously respectful rather than ruthless, in an age when other comedians cannot resist the urge to take satire to positively ludicrous lengths, he deserves credit for not being overly critical or crass.”
Mike McKinnon, Observer

“I swear I haven’t laughed so hard since the days Morcambe & Wise were at their effortless peak”
Richard Madeley, The Express

“How many ways can we say we love this programme?”
Karen Hyland, Star Magazine

“Fresh from his double triumph at the British Comedy Awards - and his chortlesome contribution to the Christmas TV schedules - Harry turns his (usually) indulgent gaze to the past few days’ TV offerings. It’s the first of a new series and, as usual, just about the funniest thing on all week.”
Adrian Pettet, Sunday Express

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