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HARRY HILL puts his ‘best bits’ on display in his brand new DVD Harry Hill’s TV Burp, The Best Bits, featuring the funniest moments, classic clips and an array of exclusive extras from the four-time BAFTA winning show.

The DVD, available from 14th November, is packed with memorable clips, skits and quips featuring HARRY’s inimitable weekly take on British telly. From Coronation Street and EastEnders, to My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and Antiques Roadshow; the best on the box is subjected to HARRY’s trademark ribbing.

It’s a decade since TV Burp first hit our screens and fans of the series will be able to re-live some of the best bits including: HARRY in his own very special FIGHT; his uncanny resemblance to HESTON BLUMENTHAL; what happens when the underfloor heating is turned up too high on Dog Rescue; a sensational confession from the KNITTED CHARACTER; and what HARRY really gets up to in the ad-breaks. . .

Other highlights include ANTHEA TURNER (who in this instance bears an uncanny resemblance to HARRY) with a special tip on how to remove yoghurt stains from the carpet, some lightning footwork with LOUIE SPENCE and a previously unseen show, Sausages, Hugh & Freedom Too with HUGH FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL, where we learn about the emotional plight of the sausage.

The DVD is also packed with exclusive extras - where the big-collared-comic gives us the key to his ‘Classic TV Burp Sketch Vault’ showing memorable sketches from the archive plus a selection of the very best out-takes.

A busy time for HARRY also sees a new series of TV Burp currently on ITV1 and the release of his new book Harry Hill's Bumper Book of Bloopers published on 3rd November by Faber. He is also executive producing two pilot TV shows; You Cannot Be Serious!, a topical sports entertainment show presented by Alistair McGowan for ITV1 and The End Of The Week As We Know It, a comedy news-review hosted by AL MURRAY (both for Avalon Television with TV Burp Execs RICHARD ALLEN-TURNER and JON THODAY). HARRY continues to sell his successful range of Fairtrade nuts 'Harry's Nuts!' and ‘Harry's Nuts! Crunchy Peanut Butter’ in Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and other outlets to support farmers in Malawi and other countries, with all proceeds going to charity.

Harry Hill’s TV Burp, The Best Bits (Cert 12), £19.99, ITV STUDIOS Home Entertainment 2011
(Running times: feature 60 mins, extras 41 mins approx. Extras: Exclusive out-takes and compilation of classic sketches)
Release date: 14th November 2011

For more information please contact: Lucy Plosker, Celeste Berry or Dan Lloyd. Tel: 020 7598 7222 Email:, or


“Harry’s return always gives the schedules more lift than a Stannah, with his gleeful demolition of telly favourites. It’s a brilliantly fizzy mix of pie-in-face clownery for the kids and grown-up innuendos that sail nail-bitingly close to the wind.” _
Max Braxton, Radio Times.

_“The absurdities of TV land are laid bare with the welcome return of its premier clown.”

Mail on Sunday.

“The large-collared comedian returns for a new series looking back at the week’s programming with tongue firmly in cheek. A welcome return for what’s consistently one of the funniest shows on air.”
Michael Hogan, The Sunday Telegraph (Seven).

“Hooray! The return of the funniest show on telly. . . TV Burp.”
Kevin O’Sullivan, Sunday Mirror.

"It’s easy to take TV Burp for granted with its family friendly time slot, but it’s consistently one of the wittiest, sharpest shows on the box.”
The Guardian Guide.

“His rare talent is to spin this week’s telly into daft sketches - and dare we say it - sophisticated running gags, which are curve ball and clever enough to be consistently entertaining. Saturday nights, and watching television, just wouldn’t be the same without him.”
David Chater, The Times Saturday Review.

“The man oozes genius. And that knighthood of his - “for services to taking the pee out of soaps and stuff”, to quote the palace - can only be days away.”
Mike Ward, Daily Star

“A rare and beautiful comedy hit that built an audience through word of mouth.”
Ally Ross, The Sun

“TV Burp is the funniest show on British television.”
Chris Moyles, BBC Radio 1

“The funniest show on telly.”
Boyd Hilton, Heat

“The only show that I series link.”
Ian Hyland, News of the World

“Harry Hill’s TV Burp is the only thing on TV that actually makes me laugh out loud.”
Peter Kay


Currently Avalon Television produces; the quadruple-BAFTA and triple British Comedy award-winning Harry Hill’s TV Burp (ITV1); Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC THREE), recommissioned for series four and five in 2011; four series of the Royal Television Society and Rose D’Or award-winning sitcom Not Going Out (BBC ONE); critically acclaimed topical comedy show Frank Skinner’s Opinionated (BBC TWO), returning for a further two series in 2011; brand new topical programme That Sunday Night Show (ITV 1), hosted by Adrian Chiles and Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show (BBC THREE), returning for series two in 2011.

In the US Avalon Television is currently producing two series for Comedy Central; the scripted comedy Workaholics and John Oliver’s New York Standup Show. Also an established provider of digital content, The Handlers, starring Bryan Cranston, is currently represented on

Avalon Television also produces BBC Radio 5 Live’s 7 Day Sunday hosted by CHRIS ADDISON with regular guests SARAH MILLICAN and ANDY ZALTZMAN; Yes it’s the Ashes, ANDY ZALTZMAN’s topical look at the ashes series; Dave Gorman’s Sunday Morning Show for Absolute Radio; and The Frank Skinner Show, Absolute Radio’s Saturday morning’s flagship show, whose spin-off podcasts were the station’s most downloaded of 2009 with over 1.6 million downloads.

Avalon Television is a leading producer of award-winning comedy and entertainment programmes in the UK and US. Founded in 1993, the independent production house supplies television programming to all the British terrestrial channels and leading cable and satellite stations, in addition to content for radio broadcasters. Avalon Television has produced Fantasy Football League (BBC TWO, ITV 1) with DAVID BADDIEL and FRANK SKINNER; BAFTA nominated Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned (ITV 1); three series of BAFTA award-winning The Harry Hill Show (Channel 4); the first ever UK arena comedy show Baddiel and Newman in Pieces at Wembley and Royal Television Society Award nominated The Frank Skinner Show (BBC ONE, ITV 1), which is widely credited as setting the tone for the modern comedic chat show and ran for nine years, attracting 11 million viewers at its peak.

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