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Following the critical success of last year’s sell-out show, Perrier Award winner LAURA SOLON returns to Edinburgh with The Owl Of Steven, a grown up adventure mystery story inspired by 8 year old Laura Solon’s love of Willard Price, owls, Guernsey and a doll called Sick-Sick.

This year Laura experiments further with the multi-character narrative form. Armed with set, scenery and navy blue shorts, she will move beyond a connected series of monologues and set pieces to multi-character scenes with dialogue, action and interaction to create a one person cast of eccentric locals, naïve mainlanders and Steven’s most prized resident, The Owl.

Now, from the production company that brought you Sue Barker’s Basset Hound, Virginia Wade On Hedgehogs and Trevor Eve Does Slugs comes a new nature extravaganza: a film about the famous Owl Of Steven.

They’ve got a celebrity: Profesor Stacey Morris, an American presenter who just bought her professorship on the internet so it has only got one ‘s’. They’ve got shots of Stacey walking around the Channel Island of Steven wearing tops that reveal at least 60 percent of her boobs. They’ve got earnest director Katherine David, who in an ideal world would be making documentaries about Mary Wollstonecraft, quinoa or the History of Prepositions. They’ve got a collection of obliging islanders: Dennis, the ferryman / publican / policeman and one half of the world’s only detachable conjoined twins; Stephanie who lives in a lighthouse but is definitely not the lighthouse keeper; two French secret agents; Hotel Owner Miriam; Steven Chief Residents; and sworn enemies Barry and Valerie and The Governess who rules. And Katherine’s Assistant Joan whose only skills are asthma and being tall. And to be honest, she’s not that tall.

However, one question remains. This ‘owl’, right, where the f*ck is it?


What the press said about Laura’s 2009 Edinburgh show Rabbit Faced Story Soup:

“A masterclass.”
Stephen Armstrong, Sunday Times

“Faultless performance aside, Solon has written a script that's been polished until it flashes and gleams, and which evinces an Iannucci-like gift for steering a sentence off the main road and into a cul de sac of surrealism. She is frighteningly talented.”
Nicholas Barber, Independent on Sunday

★★★★ The Guardian; ★★★★ Sunday Times; ★★★★ Daily Telegraph;
★★★★ The Independent; ★★★★ The Metro; ★★★★ Chortle; ★★★★ Mail on Sunday

Venue: Pleasance Above
Date: 4th - 29th August
Time: 17:00
Box Office: 0131 556 6550

For more information and press tickets, please contact: Ben Nolan, Fran Cherry, Bea Gwynn, Jo Cross or Dan Lloyd. Tel: 08700 70 50 50 [Edinburgh office] or 020 7598 7222 [London office]. Email:,,, or



“Solon’s unfair advantage is that she can not only do it all - the writing, the performing, the characters, the accents - but do it all so well. From the moment she appears on stage as Diana Lewis, desperate to make her way in the business and find a star-but-Awol author, her cool command of the room is obvious. And then, she becomes would-be employer Marci Blitzer, and you realise you’re in for a genuine treat. …The economically etched, instantly recognisable characters just keep coming (also irresistible is Frenchman Didier Auberge, author of a 6,000-page anti-novel with no punctuation - or words). And so, above all, do the turns of phrase, sparkly little diamonds of wit sprinkled throughout the script. A dim PR describes how they decided to name their think tank “The Final Solution” and calls tigers “a sort of stripy lion”; stilettos are referred to as “tart stilts”. And that’s the thing: whether aiming at Gallic pretension, troubled sports events or Oligarchic callousness, Solon always finds her mark, and in the most entertaining way. Do see her if you can.”
Mark Monahan, Daily Telegraph

“A masterclass.”
Stephen Armstrong, Sunday Times

“Demonstrating a rare command of accents and body language, Solon morphs into a put-upon publisher's assistant and all of her colleagues, including various wannabe authors, a literary agent from hell (via New York), and a former eastern European dictator who reminisces chirpily about the fun to be had from feeding peasants to crocodiles. Faultless performance aside, Solon has written a script that's been polished until it flashes and gleams, and which evinces an Iannucci-like gift for steering a sentence off the main road and into a cul de sac of surrealism. She is frighteningly talented.”
Nicholas Barber, Independent on Sunday

“It's an entertaining and unusual tale, teeming with vivid characters. Its script is densely populated with acerbic one-liners: Solon has retained her facility for articulate defamation.”
Brian Logan, The Guardian

“Rabbit-Faced Story Soup reminds us what we’ve been missing.”
Dominic Maxwell, The Times

“This is gag-driven, no-extra-fat character comedy containing as many flourishes as you would get in a good stand-up show with the added bonus of a cohesive narrative. A real vindication of the faith that was put in her four years ago.”
Julian Hall, The Independent

“Solon fits loads of characters into her one-hour slot and equal, painstaking thought has been given to each one. She also paints amazing comic imagery, with just one carefully chosen word turning a good line into a great one. Throw in a cute white rabbit called Ian and you've got a show that is imaginative, innovative and inventive.”
Micky Noonan, Metro

“Rabbit Face Story Soup is tightly structured and thrillingly, almost bewilderingly dense…It's superbly written, incorporating a seemingly endless stream of intelligently surreal imagery and unexpected collisions of ideas that frequently brings to mind the work of Douglas Adams…A show that delivers some of the most satisfying narrative and comic punches that I've seen at the Festival this year.”
Tom Hackett, Fest

“Somebody needs to give this woman a TV show soon. There are more great one-liners and imagination in this one-woman, one-act play than in the entire annual output of BBC Three…The constant stream of gold-plated gags and well-drawn characters make it a delightful hour of entertainment.”
Neil McEwan, Edinburgh Evening News

“An even more impressive showcase for the 30-year-old’s talent for understated character comedy than her award-winning debut…Solon’s joke-rich writing is as sharp and nuanced as her performance, full of barbed observations and elegant turns of phrase, the finest of which must surely be her new name for stilettos: tart stilts.”
Steve Bennett, Mail on Sunday

”Since becoming only the second woman to win the Perrier Award in 2005, Solon has continued to deliver impeccable performances in every artistic medium - from her delightful radio show to her show-stealing performance as the Polish coffee shop worker in Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse’s sketch show. This show is better than her debut.”
James Mullinger, GQ

“If you've yet to bear witness to the sublime comic talent and effervescent invention of Laura Solon, this first nationwide tour is an opportunity to see it for yourself. Since winning the Perrier Award back in 2005 barely a few months into her comedy career, she's maintained a consistently first-rate output both on radio (with her own sketch show Talking And Not Talking) and via a series of inspired TV cameos alongside the likes of Harry Enfield, Paul Whitehouse and Al Murray. Rabbit Faced Story Soup sees her taking a more narrative-driven approach than previously. You'll find the same brilliantly judged, exquisitely detailed characters on show, but this time at the service of an engaging overhanging plot based around the apparently cut-throat, dog-eat-dog world of literary publishing. Highlights include vile middle-aged super-agent Marcy Blitzer, who reacts to disappointment by staging episodes of violent taxidermy, and a fresh outing for Solon's star turn, the tremulous divorcee Carole Price, whose attempts to carve out a new life are always stymied by her own inescapable bitterness.”
James Kettle, ‘The Guide’ The Guardian

“Entertaining, character-driven yarn, full of wryly smart lines and performed with subtle aplomb… With her long-overdue comeback, Solon is striving for the simple, yet often elusive, aim of a classy, delightfully funny hour. Job done.”
Steve Bennett, Chortle


LAURA SOLON won the Perrier Award, Edinburgh Festival Fringe's highest accolade, with her debut solo show in 2005, and has since established herself as one of the fastest rising writers and performers working in comedy. Series three of her Radio 4 series, Talking and Not Talking, broadcast earlier this year, whilst her television work has seen her perform prominently alongside the UK’s leading comic acts such as HARRY ENFIELD, JESSICA HYNES, AL MURRAY, DAVID TENNANT and PAUL WHITEHOUSE. She is currently touring with her hit Edinburgh show Rabbit Faced Story Soup, both nationally and as a showcase in LA and New York and developing a new scripted comedy for Radio 4.


Avalon Promotions Limited is one of the leading promoters of live comedy in the UK. Productions include: NEWMAN & BADDIEL in the first comedy show ever to be staged at Wembley Arena; FRANK SKINNER’s record-breaking performance to an audience of 6,000 at the Battersea Power Station; Jerry Springer - The Opera at the National Theatre, at the Cambridge Theatre in London’s West End, on national tour and at New York’s Carnegie Hall; HARRY HILL at the Palace and Dominion Theatres in London; and Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure at the Sydney Opera House, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, on national tour and at the Village Theatre, New York (nominated for Drama Desk Award 2004).

The last 12 months has seen Avalon Promotions: present multi-award winning comics CHRIS ADDISON, SIMON BIRD, JENNY ECLAIR, DAVE GORMAN, RICHARD HERRING, RUSSELL HOWARD, LEE MACK and FRANK SKINNER on sell-out runs; produce AL MURRAY, THE PUB LANDLORD live at the O2 and RUSSELL HOWARD at Wembley Stadium; introduce some of the fastest-rising stars in comedy such as KRISTEN SCHAAL & KURT BRAUNOHLER and ISY SUTTIE; produce stage shows, such as Frank Skinner’s Credit Crunch Cabaret and Grumpy Old Women Live, which has toured the UK three times and performed highly successful runs in Australia and London’s West End; and present 20 acts at the Edinburgh Festival, where it has promoted a total of five Perrier Award winners and 18 Perrier Award/Edinburgh Comedy Award nominees in just 21 years.